If your business requires you to keep goods at a controlled and cold temperature, then refrigerated storage units are a great option. These portable units are available for businesses to lease for short or long-term use all year round.

Businesses can choose from various sizes of refrigerated units depending on their needs. For example, if supermarkets need extra space during the summer months to store their surplus of seasonal fruits and vegetables, they can opt for a large electric cooling unit to fit months worth of produce inside. When it comes time to restock the cooler boxes in the store, these refrigerated units provide easy-access doors.

One of the best features about using refrigerated storage units is that they maintain a constant temperature, simply make sure that if you have a diesel unit that you refuel every 4 days or so. Need to change the temperature of your unit? Each cooler’s temperature is easily adjustable with a control dial and many of them range from -20 to 80 degrees F. Our refrigerated storage units are all tightly sealed with a theft-proof lock to secure your products.

Not sure what size refrigerated unit you need for your business? Contact Refrigerated Storage Trailer Leasing today. As a leading provider of portable cooling units in New England, you can guarantee we have the best leasing rates around.

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